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It is always fascinating to take a look at the creation of products that we rely on so unconsciously in our daily lives. None is more exciting than the history of the automotive industry. History credits a French engineer by the name of Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot for building the first automobile in 1769. This vehicle was more like a military tractor with three wheels than what we know of as a car. The engine ran on steam and could only run for fifteen minutes at a time. The steam engine evolved as various inventors were able to obtain patents and in 1806 the trend started with cars operating with internal combustion engines which ran on gasoline.The history of the automotive industry truly came of age in 1903 when Henry Ford started an automobile empire in a converted factory. His company became one of the few to survive the Great Depression. In 1914 Ford started producing cars in bulk by creating what we know as assembly lines. This was the point where the automobile began its popularity. The U.S. dominated the industry around the world until the end of World War II in 1945. At that time nations that were technologically advanced such as Germany and Japan were able to gain momentum and become serious competition within the automobile industry.The success seen in the history of the automotive industry is due to three basic factors; price, quality and depreciation. Cars have always continued to get more expensive. A car such as a Cadillac Seville, as an example, retailed for around $20,000 in 1989. That same car in a model produced just five years later retailed at $36,000. The quality of cars continues to evolve as well. They are truly built to last. The depreciation of new cars continues to remain consistent. You can expect a car to lose about 28% of its value the moment it is driven off the dealership lot.The history of the automotive industry would not be complete without a look into the future. With the trend of manufacturers to produce “green” vehicles we are seeing a surge of hybrid and hydrogen cars with many new and innovative ideas waiting for production. The goal is to produce a vehicle that is environmentally safe while still cost effective and affordable. Cars that we only dream about today are destined to become a reality tomorrow.

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If you are interested in cars, you should check out jobs for the future in the automobile industry. With unemployment rates reaching all time highs, job security has become a priority for many individuals. The Automotive service industry has a variety of opportunities for those interested in a hands-on, service-oriented career. The right training is essential, however, and prospects are prizewinning for those who have completed a technical degree. The automotive industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated and technological, so proper training is important.The automotive industry offers jobs that appeal to a wide range of interests, and options for development abound for those with the right training. Jobs in the automotive industry range from hands-on assist technicians to management positions. There are also opportunities for individuals to specialize in a specific area such as Paintless Dent Repair, Detailing, Engine Repair, or Customer Service. This list can go on and on.One promising area of specialization in the automotive industry is in diesel engine repair and service. The Department of Labor reports that diesel engine technicians held a large number of jobs and are expected to grow through 2016. Usage of diesel engine vehicles is rising steadily, as more trucks and buses are utilized to ship freight across the country. And experts predict that the rising ingest of diesel engines in buses, trucks and increasingly, passenger vehicles, module render new jobs in the field. Another area that offers a whole new distinction of impact in moving sales and assists is the huge growth of alternative render vehicles. Faced with incredible pressure to reduce dependence on gas and reduce emissions, most automobile producers are today on a fast track to offer electric cars and hybrids. Alternative render vehicles open up a whole new area of automotive jobs. For those graduates who hit had the proper training in hybrid engine maintenance, electric cars can offer enthusiastic career opportunities and long-term job security.

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Many of the abstruse advances that will drive the automotive industry in the twenty-first aeon will depend on high-achievement specialty alloys. Designers and engineers accept relied consistently on these abstracts to accommodate the special, generally ambitious backdrop appropriate for analytical applications.High customer expectations, ecology concerns, added acrimonious regulations, assurance and the growing electrification of new cars and trucks are banishment manufacturers to focus on durability, maintenance-free operation and the development of new technologies.Specialty alloys accept played, and will abide to play, a key role in affair these ambitious requirements. By bourgeois estimate, there are added than 100 applications for specialty alloys in the boilerplate new car. Most of them are basic to the operation and achievement of the vehicle.More efficient, hotter active engines crave specialty alloys with greater backbone and calefaction resistance. Alloys with above bane attrition are bare for acrid acerbic liquids, another fuels and discharge ascendancy systems. Appropriate electrical and alluring alloys are capital for sensors, solenoids, computers and controls. The adventure for ammunition efficiency, and abuse controls dictates the use of specialty alloys.Dozens of grades authorize as specialty alloys acclimated by the automotive industry. Progressively added of them are produced by exceptional melting convenance to optimize backdrop and performance.Alloys fabricated by crumb metallurgy accept been acclimated added frequently because they action producers of automotive locations and apparatus absorbing allowances such as: aesthetic microstructure, added productivity, lower-cost production, beneath downtime, bigger artefact uniformity, and added constant behavior.From added than 400 specialty alloys, Carpenter provides a abounding ambit of alloys that accept been acclimated by the automotive industry, including alluring alloys, stainless steels, top temperature alloys, crumb metal top acceleration apparatus steels, and both hot- and cold-work apparatus steels.The trend against added cyberbanking controls has angry development of a array of alluring alloys that are bare to optimize the achievement and acknowledgment time of electro-mechanical apparatus in automotive vehicles.Electrical irons, for example, accept been acclimated for alluring ambit cores and relays, and solenoids that actuate electrical controls. Silicon band action assorted levels of electrical resistivity, with accessory alluring properties. Chromium-iron alluring stainless steels accommodate acceptable bane attrition for accessories apparent to weather, ammunition or added acerb environments.Chrome-Core alloys accommodate assorted combinations of bane resistance, alluring properties, amount and architecture characteristics. High-permeability nickel-iron alloys are acclimated wherever top alteration body or top alluring backbone is appropriate with low absorbing force.In general, alluring alloys accept been acclimated for engine and ammunition administration apparatus such as ammunition injector cores, armatures and basin tubes. Silicon band and electrical band accept been acclimated for ABS solenoids and pole pieces, and controlled amplification alloys accept been acclimated in cyberbanking flashers.High temperature alloys, accepted for their contributions to the aerospace industry, accept been acclimated more in automotive applications, decidedly for bankrupt valves and bolts. Alloy modifications are accessible which action allowances in either lower amount or bigger performance. Valve steels accept offered accomplished combinations of bane attrition and backbone at animated temperatures.if you want to know more,visit

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The automotive industry is constantly searching for trained technicians. There is an increasing demand for specialised services, and moreover, trustworthy employees that promote company values.Learn where to find the good jobs; job boards such as Automotive Employment, New Zealand have a wealth of information on them for both local and international job seekers. If you do not know how to use a computer you have an immediate disadvantage. In today’s world online employment applications have become the norm for the automotive industry. You can no longer expect to secure employment without a resume nor can you expect to secure employment without the ability to email the application.To secure employment in the industry, it is well-advised to have relevant qualifications and in many countries this means completing a formal apprenticeship with your employer combined with a Trade Certificate. Next to that, relevant work experience and good character references from previous employers will place you ahead of other job-seekers. Another useful skill to have is the ability to keep informed about current market trends and new technologies. For instance, it will be significantly harder to find a job as a mechanic if your knowledge of parts only extends to kombi vans made prior to the 1980s. Stay on the ball by subscribing to facts and figures about new makes and models, their functions and specific components. If you have the right knowledge, the expertise associated with the job is one you can take to automotive industries all around the world.Customers really appreciate thoughtful after-sale services – you should be prepared to go out of your way to make customers happy. This way, they will pick your service over others’, and spread the word about your positive attitude, thus guaranteeing a steady stream of business for both you and your employer. Be approachable – that goes without saying. Service industries rely on positive customer feedback, something that is impossible without your friendly, ready-for-action demeanour.Your performance will be judged on the precision of your work. If you are not the attentive type, you could jeopardise not only a business deal, but also your client’s life. Botching a car repair could have deadly consequences – it isn’t something you want on your employment record. So if you are seriously determined to find automotive-related employment, you are already an eagle-eyed, honest person who puts his customers before himself.As an employee in the automotive industry you need to be adaptable to changes in the trade. Currently there is a gradual shift to more carbon-conscious or ‘green’ technologies, while emission-producing processes have become more and more frowned upon.

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The automotive industry in the United Kingdom is one that most people don’t know much about, but they are a dynamic, expanding industry that is currently setting their sights on breaking some manufacturing records in the next three years. Combined with multi-billion pound investments of £5.5 billion over the last eighteen months, the future will see thousands more jobs created, new models introduced, and overall production expanded. More cars being built will not only lead to more jobs in the automotive industry, but also in the industry that services cars – manufacturers of car tyres, garages for servicing cars and showrooms where the cars are sold.The previous record for number of cars produced was set in 1972 with 1.92 million cars driving out of the UK’s factories. With annual volumes gradually increasing over the past few years they are set to hit the two million mark in 2015. In 2011 the levels were at 1.3 million, so this equates to an increase in production of over 50%. Considering the economic downturn we have been experiencing over the last few years, it is even more exciting to see a United Kingdom industry helping to lead the economic recovery.The UK has a longstanding motoring heritage, a wealth of expertise in engineering and a flexible, skilled workforce, which combines with some major international investment to make the UK a desirable location for the global automotive industry to set up their factories. Many people aren’t even aware that there are seven volume car manufacturers, three volume commercial vehicle manufacturers, eleven manufacturers of buses and coaches, over 25 niche and specialist vehicle manufacturers and a massive eight Formula One teams along with a large concentration of motorsport firms in an area known as Motorsport Valley. Despite all this, the majority of people probably think that all vehicles are built abroad.Some more facts you may not be aware of are:The manufacturing sector employs 145,000 people.
As a whole, the automotive industry in the UK employs more than 700,000 people in manufacturing, retail and aftermarket sectors including a range of showrooms, garages and car tyre retailers.
An average of 1.5 million cars and commercial vehicles are produced annually, and over 2.5 million engines. 80% of the vehicles, and 70% of the engines are then exported.
These exports make the UK automotive industry the largest export sector with 11% of total UK exports, generating about £30 billion annual revenue.
It is an environmentally friendly industry! They are investing in research and development as well as new technologies to create cleaner, safer, more fuel efficient cars with low carbon footprints.

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The global automotive industry is developing with increasing demand for new vehicles. Automotive parts are either Original Equipment or aftermarket parts. From last few years there was fluctuation in the growth of automotive industry. U.S., European and Asian markets are contributing to a large extent in the development of automotive industry. Due to globalization, the pressure on manufacturers, suppliers, and the dependent businesses has increased. The demand and preferences of customers are changing with improved technologies in automobile industries.It’s a tough challenge for automobile industry to cope with ever-changing trends in the industry. Customers and manufactures are becoming more quality conscious. Market research reports determined new methods adopted by manufacturers for improving quality and productivity like assistance of computer design, production, and testing. Total Quality Management, Six-sigma, 5 S, Kaizen, just-in-time etc. Use of these techniques has increased durability of parts which results in less need for repairs. Globalization has increased the competition in market which increased cost pressures on producers. Many producers had cut-off prices by using advanced techniques of productions and offered quality products at low price to the customers. National focus on volatility and environmental movement has increased the pressure on automakers to opt for alternative energy resources like bio-fuels, hydrogen, etc. During the recession phase automotive industry had suffered a lot. The production and sales decreased with shift in trends. The number of automobile manufacturers is increasing every year.In the present scenario the rates of internet savvy and techno savvy customers have increased. This in turn forced the global automobile industry to do technological innovations to survive in the market. Research reports have analyzed that in days to come the demand for hybrid vehicles may increase due to increase in fuel prices. Some growing trends in automotive industry are shift in demand from large vehicles to small vehicles and from high-consumption vehicles to fuel-efficient cars. New technologies were introduces in the industry like diesel hybrids, clean diesels, and hybrids, manufacturers became more customer centric. The challenges of automotive industry increased with emergence of globalization, new technology, change in customer demands and economic uncertainties. To overcome these challenges companies started investing more on research and development of existing technology.This was done to modify engines and producing more fuel-efficient vehicles and machines so that customers can save cost of spending on fuel as well as to increase the sales, profitability and market share. Fuel efficient vehicles like power and battery vehicles came into existence with innovations in technology. Manufacturers adopted production techniques like mass production, lean production and craft production to get benefits if economies of cost and reduce cost of production per unit. Major innovations made by manufactures in product offerings were improved transmissions and engine modifications which improved the operation level of engines. Businesses have been making continuous changes in their production methods and technology in order to serve customer needs, meet customer expectations, improve productivity, increase sales, increase market share and in all to sustain in the market.

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Today, vehicles are in great demand between all segments of society. With a huge demand for vehicles, automobile industry is the fastest growing industry all over the world. Automobile industries play a vital role in economic development of any country.Every week a new model of car or bike has been launching to accomplish the requirement of buyers. Various automobile manufacturing companies are in the market, which provide a lot of vehicle according to the requirements of different segment of peoples. Automobile companies are offering various products according to users budget. Gone are the days, when one had to wait for their dream vehicles. Today, it is not difficult to buy a dream vehicle because of various financial institutions. Many banks are providing loan and converting your dream into reality. Buyer needs to pay some extra money as interest rate for that finance amount. This amount depends on various factors such as buyer’s credit past, finance amount, loan period and the term and conditions of financial institution.If we consider the Indian automobile industry, there are various companies, which are offering all type of vehicles in the market. Automobile manufacturing companies are offering different cars, two wheelers, three wheelers, commercial vehicles, sport vehicles and other utility vehicles according to the user’s requirement. As we all know, cars have become a need for today’s world. Automobile companies are offering various premium cars to entry-level cars for the customers. Tata Motors has been working hardly for producing low budget car for Indian market. The Boom of Indian Automobile Industry can be tracked by the stat, which proves the increment in car production from 7,23,330 cars to 13,08,913 in last three years.This huge development and consumption of vehicles encourage the various companies to produce automotive parts and accessories for these vehicles. There is a potential growth in Indian auto part market.There are various car-manufacturing companies in Indian market. Some giants in manufacturing of cars are Audi, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Skoda, Maruti, BMW, Mercedes, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hindustan Motors and General Motors. Some awaited car models, which are about to launch in the year 2008 are Fiesta 1.4 SXi Duratorq, Opel GT, Aveo U-VA, Getz Next Generation, Logan, Rhino Rover, Audi Q7, Montero, Outlander, Grandis, Santa Fe and Roomster. All the companies are offering various attractive models in different color and designs. Some latest car models to be launched in the year 2008 are In two wheeler industries, Hero Honda, Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and kinetic motors are offering various motorcycles, scooters and scooterettes to the market. One can choose among the various models according to his need and budget.Before buying any vehicle, one needs to ensure about the maintenance of the vehicle. All the companies are providing servicing facility by their own service centers. The user can visit the service center and consult about the problem of vehicle with the experts. Remember that proper maintenance can enhance the performance and life of your vehicle.

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Not long ago we heard about the death of the electric car, and thankfully that was not true. Many companies are getting ready to release these type of cars in the near future and now we have to figure out where to charge them. This will have a huge impact on the automotive industry as electric vehicle do not require an oil change or fuel. Think about all of the businesses around your cities from gas stations to mechanics tailored to only fulfill that role. They are either there to tune up or fill up your car, and these will be the ones that will have to get most ready for this new wave of automobiles.In Japan the largest electric company has been working extremely hard to get the cost of the batteries, and their sizes both smaller as well as get these cars out on the road and test them with the public. Such test have also been done in New York with some of the hybrids, and so far the feedback has been positive enough for them to throw everything that they have into this new market. Most of the car owners such as myself welcome an electric car as long as the price of electricity stays low. This is one of those touchy subjects as even though I feel much better about not polluting the environment or spending money on fuel, I do not want to go broke in the process.Most of the wars going on right now around the globe are caused by oil demand, and countries fighting hard to keep their hands on the remaining barrels. This will become less of a problem with time as many of the cars start to switch to alternative fuels and energy sources. So far the main factors keeping individuals from purchasing these vehicles was the cost and the non existent fuel stations. A car doesn’t do you any good if you cannot fill it up when you need to.This is bound to change with the electric cars sometime next year as the local governments already promised to install over eleven thousand public chargers in nineteen states. The department of energy is involved as well and many of the companies are looking at home options as well as service stations. The time to fill up can be quite long running upwards to sixteen hours and some of the newer stations promise to be able and do the same within eight. This is an improvement but I hope that this becomes even speedier as I have heard about some new technology in Japan where this is done within twenty minutes or less. The most annoying thing is that other countries have taken our inventions and expanded on them as we were too busy arguing about whether to allow any additional offshore drilling instead of going after the root of the problem. Now we have to scramble in order to keep up otherwise it will be those foreign companies that reap the biggest rewards.

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Isuzu is one of the powerful cars that you need to possess in your life. You need to keep on monitoring this car with the new technology that is taking its roots in the world. This company has come up with a system that keeps you on toes whenever you hear a siren. The issue is protecting or safeguarding your car with an Isuzu car alarm in case of damage or theft. Once you own a car, the best thing you can do is to install an alarm to alert you in case of anything strange.In the automotive industrial markets of selling these spare parts, you have a variety of choices to purchase for your car. The Isuzu car alarm is installed with theft preventive systems that is said to make you confident while you are a bit far from your car. The available Isuzu alarm system at the markets of street beat customs are made with a lot of technicality and modern materials. Once your car is installed with this alarm, then you don’t need to worry where you leave your custom car.Like other car alarms, Isuzu car alarms are also equipped with Isuzu keyless entry systems and remote starter systems. These can help you start your car before even you get a ride. In addition, there is an Isuzu LCD car at the markets of Isuzu automotive industry. With all these in place, be assured of protecting your car from any damage or theft at low-cost and high quality services. At the same time, the Isuzu car alarm system spare parts can be replaced easily and they are readily available. Book one online and enjoy the services of Isuzu car alarm while you are away from your favorite car.To install your car with this system it costs little cash but with maximum protection against theft cases. For sure nobody could like to have his car broken into. This system is purely safe when you are on your way home or heading somewhere. Such system is all over the world; however, there are so many cases of intruders reported. For example, if you want this system in place for your car then ensure quality services of installation of this modern technology system. More importantly, you can have your car locked and unlocked, started and shut off, activated and deactivated with this system.Get your property secured with these modern devices, installed by highly qualified personnel. They cost you less and protect you from incurring unnecessary loses.

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Automotive insurance means vehicle insurance. Automotive insurance industry is growing with a faster rate and reason behind is, nowadays customers are over conscious regarding their safety and security and the compulsion from the government of each state. As a result of which there are too many players in the market also who everyday come out with some different scheme and try to attract customers.It is very difficult to avoid accidents so to cover those accidents insurance providers are there. They try to cover the everything the basic coverage is BIL, PDL etc. In bodily injury liability in such type of liability if your vehicle hit or get crashed then whatever liability you are accounted for starting from the damages to the penalty and the medical expenses of the opposite party will be given by the insurance company. In property damage liability the damage of property to the other party will be covered which is done by the insurance holder. Similarly there is collision coverage according to which if your vehicle collide with any other vehicle then the repairmen cost and any other cost related to the vehicle of the insurance holder will be provided by the company.To help the customers each state of America has a department of automotive insurance they try to help customers regarding the affiliated companies and the rules and regulations of the states. Each sate has its different website and many of them give the log in id and password also to access the important data related to past driving record etc. Automotive insurance main aim is to save the property of the customers and also as a social aspect to make everyone drive safe. Mainly it is for bad drivers. In automotive insurance there are policies which say that if you learn defensive driving techniques from the state and can get certification then can avail discounts from some of the insurance companies.Automotive insurance do justice with every type of driver, if the driver is a female then she has very low premiums allocated to her since women are generally safe drivers. Similarly if the driver is a man of below age group 25 years then he will be charged extra for the greater risk which he carries with him.Automotive industry is flourishing and also along with it some subsidiary business like companies which only makes the data base of quotes offered by different insurance providers is also flourishing.